Friday, October 12, 2018

Village Green Plant Swap

On 21 October 2018 there will be a plant swap at Village Green.  I plan to attend!  There are lots... and lots... of plants that I'd like to share with others.  The question is... which plants are people interested in?  I'll post potential plants in this entry and in the Village Green Thumbs (VGT) group.  If you would like me to bring a plant for you then please let me know!


When I sow seeds I usually sow the seeds of a few different plants in the same pot.  This hedges my bets that something will germinate.  Usually there's decent germination so pretty much all the seedling pots will need to be divided.  The expectation is that people who receive a community pot (compot) will share any extra seedlings with other VGTs.  There's also the expectation that updates on the seedlings will be shared in the VGT Facebook group.  It will be very interesting, and informative, to see how much variation there is among the siblings.

Hoya Seedlings

These seedlings are from seeds that Tom gave me when we visited him in August.  I sowed the seeds on 15 Aug.  Here's a pic of the mother plant's buds, leaves and seeds...

Hoya Seeds

Here's a pic of the flowers...

Hoya Flowers

Does anybody recognize it?

Each pot might have the following seedlings...

Vriesea - John Arden hybrid (seeds from Sarah)
Anthurium schlechtendalii (seeds from Sarah)
Echeveria rosea

The Best Orchid Companion

Columnea Elmer Lorenz

Not sure what its "real" name is... maybe it's Columnea crassifolia?  The leaves are certainly very succulent... for a Columnea.  My plant mentor Elmer Lorenz gave it to me several years ago and I've been really happy with it.  This epiphyte is exceptional because it stays in bloom for almost the entire year.   My friend Dave says the same is true of Columnea schiedeana.  I wonder which one would grow the best epiphytically.

Mixed Seedlings 5 Aug

I have 5 hanging baskets/pots that might contain the following seedlings...

Anthurium schlechtendalii (from Sarah)
Begonias cane type including Mabel's front porch (from Chris)
Echeveria ballsii - might be crosses with Echeveria macdougallii
Echeveria rosea
Kalanchoe uniflora
Orchid - most likely reed stem Epidendrum
Sinningia cardinalis - might be crosses with Sinningia leucotricha (from Michelle)
Vriesea - John Arden hybrid (from Sarah)

Quite a few of the seeds still haven't germinated. 

Mixed Seedlings 9 July 

I have 12 pots that might contain the following seedlings...

Begonia NOID
Begonia thiemei/carolineifolia (from Fernando)
Bletilla striata (from Fernando)
Echeveria (gibbiflora x rosea?)
Fern gametophytes/sporelings (from Monica)
Ruellia brevifolia
Ruellia elegans

More seedlings to follow!  Watch this space and the VGT Facebook group!


Lemmaphyllum microphyllum

This miniature fern from Japan is growing on a big bunch of New Zealand Sphagnum moss around three stories up on my tree.  Here's a closer pic...

I have 18 pots with small divisions of this fern.  The pots might also include small seedlings of the following...

Sinningia piresiana (my favorite Sinningia)
Vriesea John Arden hybrid (from Sarah)
Aloe hybrid (distans x bainesii?)
Aloe pluridens (maybe crossed with variegated arborescens)
Aloe nyeriensis (maybe crossed with kedongensis)
Aloe kedongensis (maybe crossed with nyeriensis)

The pots might also contain gametophytes of the following...

Dicksonia antartica
Cyathea australis
Blechnum nudum
Todea barbara
Lemmaphyllum microphyllum
Microsorum punctatum

The spore from the first four are from Laura and Patrick.

Begonia NOID

I grew this from some really old seed... does anybody recognize it?  You can't quite tell from the photos but the leaves and stems are kinda fuzzy.  I refer to it as my "Burnt" Begonia because it grew from its seedling pot into the lamp and its leaves would get singed.

Aloe cameronii

If it gets enough light this Aloe will color up nicely when it's cold/thirsty.

Tillandsia albertiana

It doesn't seem like there are many Tillandsias with red flowers.  In the pic you can see Tillandsia albertiana blooming on my tree.  When I visited Pat he shared a nice big clump with me, so I have extras available if anybody is interested.

More plants to follow!  Watch this space and the VGT Facebook group!


Plants that easily grow from cuttings are the best.

Kalanchoe uniflora Growing Epiphytically

Kalanchoe uniflora

My favorite Kalanchoe!

Clerodendrum ugandense

Also known as Rotheca myricoides 'Ugandense'.

Solandra maxima

Commonly known as the Cup of Gold vine.

Epiphyllum oxypetalum

If you pollinate the flowers they will produce a fruit that is a little smaller than a dragon fruit.  Also, the flower petals are edible, they can be used for soups or salads.  The plant itself does not have any spines.

Selenicereus macdonaldiae

This climbing cactus produces what might be the largest cactus flower.  The stems have spines on them.

Hylocereus costaricensis

Dragonfruit!  This variety has red flesh.  The plant has spines and wants to climb.  Needs sun.

More cuttings to follow!  Watch this space and the VGT Facebook group!


Delicious Epiphyllum

Julia shared an Epiphyllum fruit with me and it was so tasty that I very reluctantly decided to stop eating it and save the seeds. 


Pink Plumeria Tree

Scadoxus took this photo of a big Plumeria tree at Gary's place.  She happened to spot a seed pod which he gave to me.  I've sown a few of the seeds and they germinate pretty quickly.

More seeds to follow!  Watch this space and the VGT Facebook group!

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