Tuesday, February 26, 2019


I'm all about elevating the discourse but... rules have exceptions.

Titania McGrath is funny.  I wanted to share this pic in this thread.  In another thread I want to share a photo of Dischidia formosana growing epiphytically on my tree fern (VGT post for more info).

In a third thread I want to share this photo of Scadoxus' Scadoxus puniceus (VGT post)...

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Dead Ends

This year my Aloe tenuior hybrid is blooming its head off...

It is currently pushing out two new spikes. 

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, so far it hasn't produced any seed pods.  Same thing last year, which was the first year it bloomed.  I'm guessing that it is sterile. 

What about the pollen?  So far I haven't seen any.  But maybe that's because the hummingbirds seem to visit this Aloe every 5 minutes. 

This Aloe sure does produce a lot of offshoots though.  Right now the main branch is around 4' tall and its one head is just starting to become two.  The branch still needs to be propped up but I'm hoping that it will thicken with age and then small orchids and Tillandsias can be attached to it. 

Here's a pic of Myrmecophila tibicinis attached to my Aloe thraskii...

I posted it in the Village Green Thumb Facebook group.  Julia Ba shared a photo of a phorobana that she saw at a show...

Phorobanas are SOOOOOOO good!!!

A few days ago I joined the Alhambra Plant Swap FB group and offered offshoots of my Aloe tenuior hybrid (it's a closed group). 

What else?  This last Sunday Scadoxus and I attended a plant swap at Planta Nursery in Eagle Rock.  We had a great time.