Monday, January 6, 2014

Orchids Are Perfect For Cemeteries

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arthurm, at least here in Southern California...when you go to a botanical's extremely rare to see orchids on trees. Most of the orchids can be seen growing in the display greenhouses. So I think it's largely a matter of people not knowing that so many orchids can be grown on trees here. If they were aware of this fact then I'm pretty sure there would be a big boost in orchid sales.

That's a really great idea to tie some keikis to the trees at the golf course! The higher up you attach them the less likely it is that somebody will swipe them. But wouldn't you be surprised to see somebody standing on top of a golf cart trying to grab some orchids!

Over in Miami, an orchid enthusiast attached some orchids on the trees in his local dog park...and I think they are still there.

The most likely location near my house is a cemetery. I suppose I could attach some orchids on the trees there. But then I'd have to visit several times a week to water them during summer. It's not like they don't water's just that they don't water high enough. But maybe a few trees get hit pretty high up with sprinklers.

Hmmm...actually...what if I set up a drip watering system with a big water bottle suspended from a branch?? I wonder what the slowest drip rate could be for a Laelia anceps during a typical summer day? I should experiment to find out.

A cemetery is a perfect place for orchids the sense that the prime real estate is all taken. That's why epiphytes are epiphytes in the first place!

Yeah, you're right that you can't show your orchid at your society meeting if it's attached to a tree! can if it's a miniature orchid attached to a potted tree. In the future every bonsai will have at least one epiphyte attached to it. Epiphytes add plenty of interest and value to bonsais!

Here's CB's photos sorted by popularity.

Another awesome orchid photographer...orchid dude.

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