Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Clivias Epiphytically?

One time I tried to grow a Clivia epiphytically.  It didn't make it.  Maybe it was because I used ghetto moss, or maybe it was because it was low down on the tree and the slugs had super easy access to the roots.  Or maybe I didn't water it enough? 

On the OrchidBoard a member shared a picture of a plant asking for an ID.  My guess was Clivia but a few folks were thrown off by the rhizome.  So I searched Google for Clivia rhizome, and then bare root, and then offshoot, and then pups, and then stoloniferous... but didn't find any relevant pictures.  I said heck with it and unpotted one of my Clivias...

They are somewhat etiolated from growing in too much shade. 

The plant on the left is the original plant, the others are offshoots.   The first one is still attached.  Not sure if the connecting stem is technically a rhizome but... close enough. 

Each plant went into its own pot with very loose and well drained medium, which included a decent amount of old bark. 

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