Friday, November 14, 2014

Salvation Army For Plants?

Comment on PATSP blog entry... Anthurium News: The Bad News


I agree with Paul regarding the media...but not so much with regards to the composting. A while back I purchased a cheap NOID out of bloom orchid. When it bloomed for the first time I was rather disappointed with the flowers. You can see a pic of the flowers here. But I kept it around anyways. After a while I realized that it's one of the first of my gazillion orchids to complete its growth cycle. Basically, it suffers from a shortage of style but it's blessed with an abundance of substance. Now it's got a fat seed pod on it filled with around a million seeds. Eventually I might have a large variety of epiphytic orchids that grow all year long outdoors here in Southern California.

Even if some of your Anthuriums are short on both style and doesn't necessarily mean that they will be short on substance in other people's conditions. Plus, style is certainly subjective. So if the opportunity cost of keeping them around is too high...then I'd recommend just giving them away. I'd be happy to take some off your hands for the cost of postage. Or I could trade you some orchid seeds. :)

For a while now I've wondered about the viability of a Salvation Army just for plants. What do you think? Could it would work? Would you be willing to drop off a couple flats of Anthurium seedlings for a small tax deduction?

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