Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Plants for Auction at LA Fern Society 15 Nov 2013

For those of you epiphyte enthusiasts in the Los Angeles area...this Friday at 7:30 pm is the fern society meeting at the LA Arboretum. The topic will be 40 awesome orchids! I'll be there with a few extra plants to silent auction off...

Cattleya Portia coerulea Mounted

Kalanchoe 'Tessa'? - Mounted on a wooden plank. Epiphytic hanging plant from Madagascar. Nice reddish blooms.

Villadia elongata - Mounted on a wooden plank. Neat little succulent that you rarely see in collections. It's perfect for a hanging basket because its stems will hang down indefinitely. During the colder months the entire plant turns a nice reddish color.  Here it is growing epiphytically...

Sedum album and Villadia elongata Growing Epiphytically

Hoya NOID - Mounted on a wooden plank. Don't know which one it is but it sure is an easy grower. Never seen it bloom but it's a very neat little climber. Tolerant of drought and cold.  Here it is growing on my tree...


Echeveria gibbiflora? - Mounted on a wooden plank. Will turn into the biggest Echeveria you've ever seen. The "trunk" on my original plant is nearly 3 feet tall. When it blooms the flower stalk goes up another 3 feet.  Here's a seedling on my tree...

Begonia boliviensis growing Epiphytically

Cattleya Portia coerulea (Cattleya labiata x Cattleya bowringiana) - Mounted on a wooden plank. It's been growing outside for several years. Easy bloomer.  Here it is blooming on my tree...

Cattleya Portia coerulea

Bromeliad NOID - Nice reddish color when given bright light. Pretty prolific. In Southern order to minimize the chances of winter rot...I recommend just placing epiphytic Bromeliads in pots without any medium.

Bromeliad NOID

Heliconia angusta - Bare root division. Smaller growing Heliconia with red and white flowers. Great tropical plant for Southern California

Tillandsias - A grab bag of various Tillandsias.

The starting bid for all plants will only be $1. Whoever writes down the highest bid for a plant by the end of the meeting will win it.

Plus I'll be giving away a plethora of Plectranthus cuttings.

Plectranthus NOID

Within a couple of weeks I plan on giving away a TON of extra plants. I have way too many duplicates...mature Banana plants, Epiphyllums, Bromeliads, succulents and many more. Check out my Flickr page to see more of the kind of plants that I grow outside year around. If you're interested just contact me on flickr and I'll e-mail you with the details.

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